Wednesday, November 08, 2006

FO: Tubey from Knitty Winter 05

Here is my completed Tubey from Knitty's Winter 05 issue. This was finished in early summer, but with autumn now here I have already worn it a fair few times and love it.

I knit this in DK weight, Sirdar Country Style (Highlands and Islands), and had to redo all the gauge calculations.

Some modifications were also worked:

- Size: knitted enough back to fit my shoulders, basing the width on the circumference of my arms. No bunching, perfect fitting shrug. I also lengthened the body tube until I was happy with the length.
- I liked the stripes on the arms, but not across the belly, so I frogged back and knitted the body tube plain (but boy was that boring!!!)
- I also knitted more than one row of garter stich at the end of the sleeves as it curled too much for my liking

I LOVE the neckline - might have to take it in a bit as the jumper stretches with wear - I have to see.

Finally, a sweater which allows me to wear necklaces and such - which is great because I dont have the chance often enough.


Leonie said...

I love the colour of the cerise sweater Svea, and the tubey is a great shape. Congratulations on starting a blog! :-)

natalie said...

Oooh, I love the neckline too, sort of medieval. And its lovely to have a new knitting blog to visit.

Haize said...

Yes, I have to agree on the neckline too. Some day I may attempt a jumper, and it might be that one!

Libbys Blog said...

Yes I must admit the neckline is gorgeous. Clever picture taking too!!!!!

Susan said...

I stumbled across Tubey via your blog and your photos made me instantly fall in love with it. After browsing dozens of photos of different people's Tubeys I'd like to say that yours is by far the best-looking. Well done; hope mine turns out half as good. :-)