Sunday, March 25, 2007

FO: More Baby sweaters

Jedi sweater detail I have been busy the last few days (makes a change, looking at this blog!), and knitted some baby sweaters. I love doing those because they are so quick and gratifying to do. I have been looking at patterns and was keen to try out the Baby Yoda sweater, a wrapped sweater which should be very simple to put on (no pulling over baby's head!)
The pattern for this sweater can be found here. I made mine in a cotton yarn that I got very cheap from a grocery store. 300g for £3.99 or something. Since the Yoda sweater only took half that yarn, I decided to use the rest for a second sweater.

Oriental Daisy I made a version of Knitty's Daisy Baby with a few modifications as follows:
  • knitted the edge in garter stich rather than seed stitch
  • omitted the button holes and instead added crocheted closers which I tried to give an 'oriental' (or military) feel
Oriental Daisy detailI think it's super cute! (Click the detail image to see the full sized picture)
Now for the question of who to gift these items to.....


Sandy said...

I like your version better!!

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Beautiful sweater, my wife and I are expecting our second child, and it is always nice to look for cool cloth for the baby.

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